Adult Acting Classes

Beginner Acting Classes

Introduction to Acting 5 wks – $100

This 5 week acting class block is perfect for those with little to no experience in acting or those that want to brush up on their skills. With a focus on Screen & Theatre, the classes will cover the basics of craft, presence, dialogue and improvisation.

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Introduction to Screen Locations – 4 Weeks

Most new students haven’t had the chance to be involved in a film shoot. In this block, we begin week 1 at the studio practicing a scene and then week 2 at an off-site location to act out the scene. This is an amazing way to really understand what’s involved in an actual film shoot. Weeks 3 and 4 are repeated with a different scene and location.

Short Film – 7 weeks

This block is a great progression from our Fundamentals and Intro course, or perfect if you have some acting experience and want to develop further. We get right into screen acting techniques, character development and work towards making a short film as a group. This is a fun, engaging and fast-paced course.

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Craft of Acting Classes

Understanding Scripts – 5 weeks

It can be challenging to understand a script. What’s the backstory to your character? What is the motive? What’s the through line? Where’s the love and fear in the scene? Who has the status?

In this block we go deep into understanding a script – the why’s what’s and how’s of what has been written – and how to translate the words in to actions.

The Importance of Improvisation – 6 weeks

The key fundamentals of acting come from your imagination in the form of improv. We unlock these areas to make you an adaptable performer who can make changes and take directions in any role at any location. We will teach you how to use visualisation to create backstories and think quicker and smarter when acting under pressure.

Acting Showreel – 10 weeks

We believe all up and coming actors should have a solid and professional Showreel. Directors and producers don’t have time to watch you for 10 seconds in a film you were featured in. They want to see your ability, contrast and diversity in a quick showreel. In this 10 week block, you will work on a monologue, duologue and group scene which is then filmed over one day at an off-site location. Once the shoot has been completed, you will receive a copy of your own show reel where you are exclusively featured. This is a great addition to attach to your membership profile page.

Stage / Theatre Acting Classes

Fundamentals of Stage & Theatre – 5 weeks

Screen and stage acting are chalk and cheese. This block introduces the craft behind stage acting and performance. Stage direction can be overwhelming, so we breakdown technique and craft at a pace that can be understood by all levels, with a focus on moving and talking with purpose.

Murder Mystery Dinner & Show – 7 weeks

In just 7 weeks, you will have the chance to create your own character and scenes for a laugh a minute dinner theatre show. You will learn about alternative ways to improv and most importantly how to stay in character whilst interacting with the audience. This is a great opportunity to perform live on stage and put your theatre work into action.

Stand-Up Comedy – 6 weeks

Are you funny? Yes you are! Everyone can be funny. It about learning style, structure, pace and content. This block is built on a tried and tested method for creating your own stand up routine. You will learn stage presence, how to hold a crowd and most importantly how to make to make them laugh! At the end of 6 weeks, all participants get the chance to perform a 5 minute routine at the Rhino Room.

Adelaide Frindge – 8 weeks

An amazing time of year for the arts in Adelaide, we always jump onboard to create 3 productions for Adelaide fringe. In this acting course you will learn about the structure of a stage production and understand the building blocks that go into creating a show. In just 8 weeks you will go from walking in the door to performing in front of hundreds of people. This is a high energy, fun block and welcomes all levels of actors.

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